From October 2015

Upload your custom header!

New feature: Customize your profile header!

As we already told you earlier this year, the recently launched new version of the website wasn’t planned to be perfect and ready with all thinkable features implemented from the beginning, but as an ever-growing platform that will present new features to fulfill your needs one after another.

Though not too little of those features announced earlier this year are have already been realized, at this point, we’re happy to announce one of the most demanded ones: The customized profile header is finally here!

“Wait – I just logged on to my profile and still don’t see any upload button?” – if that’s what you think now: Well, there’s a reason for that.

At some point, we thought it’d be fair and justified to give those users a little bonus that put particular efforts in running their profile, feeding it with new awesome mixes regularly and, proactively, sharing their talent with the world. Thus, the customized header will only be available for users counting more than 50 followers on their profile.

“Dang it, I haven’t reached that many followers yet, but I really need that header on my profile” – find yourself there once again? It’s never too late, so here are a few advices on how to expand your reach:

  • Interact: Follow other profiles, listen, like and comment their mixes. Anyone who hasn’t been active in music business only ’til yesterday will ensure you that one hand feeds the other and that support you give to others will come back to you. Just like karma. Prick up your ears, browse through our extensive music archive, discover talents from around the world you probably didn’t know about before – and give them a chance to discover you back!
  • Share: Another thing that you as an ambitioned artist, label or promoter will probably have realized: If you like it or not, it’s hard – if not impossible – to reach an audience without the use of social networks these days. Have you already posted your profile on your Facebook page? Have you tweeted your latest mix on Twitter? Do your followers on Instagram, Google+, Ello or Diaspora already know your music can be listened to on here? If not, why not share your talent with the world – when it’s so easy these days?
  • Embed: If you rather put your efforts in running a well visited blog or website then in social networks – there’s an easy way to embed your mixes on there as well! Our widgets are super easy to use and will give your visitors the chance to listen to your mixes without following any external links or leaving your site. An extensive step-by-step guide on how to use them may be found in point four of another article we’ve released earlier this year.

Once you’ve crossed that magic border of 50 followers, uploading your customized header is really easy: Simply log in and go to your profile page – you will find your upload button right there! Both the perfect and minimum measurements are 1500×330 px – you may use a larger image as well, it will be shrinked to fit in automatically. Avoid uploading smaller images, this will lead to interpolation that’s not too nice to watch.

Ready? Set – Go!