Gerald van der Hint - one of 30 DJs from Vienna you should know!

Spot on Vienna – 30 DJs you should know

Vienna – does that ring a bell? The reference of this town probably brings up thoughts of classical music, old emperors with white beards, art nouveau buildings and Schnitzel in first place. However, Austria’s capital also offers a lively, diverse electronic music scene to discover, which not only brought up worldwide renowned artists like Dorian Concept, Patrick Pulsinger, Kruder & Dorfmeister or Camo & Krooked, but dozens and hundreds of creative, devoted individuals pushing things forward as DJs, producers, event and club promoters or operators of labels or record stores, and making it a shiny, little gem for music lovers.

Album covers of Austrian artists
You probably own at least one of those, don’t you..?

How do we know? Simple, we live here – was founded by people from and having its headquarters in Vienna since 2004. Thus, as a kick-off for our new city channels, nothing more obvious for us to do to showcase some (thirty to be exact) of the Vienna’s most talented, demanded, interesting, forward-thinking or in any other way influential players and have them chatting about life in Vienna and the local scene as well as do what they do best: Mix up magnificent music!

So throughout the recently passed months of May and June, we did thirty interviews (in German only yet, any translation tool of your choice shall give you the overall idea though), each coming along with an exclusive mix – a collection that showcases the wide range of Vienna’s club scene, from Hip Hop, Reggae and Funk via all shades of House and Techno to Dubstep, Drum & Bass and other styles of Bass music – here’s the full list of links to the many-faceted sound of Vienna:


#1: Emil Berliner

Part of Junge Wilde collective and a splendid producer with releases on Great Stuff, Schönbrunner Perlen or My Best Friend.

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#2: Shroombab

Initiator of Junglistic Sistaz, a worldwide network of female Drum & Bass artists, and operator of High Tension Records.

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#3: Olinclusive

Part of DSTYCRTS, a collective of dedicated DJs and beatmakers, one half of DJ team Scooby Duo and band member of Captain Hot Dog Sauce.

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#4: DJ Mogli

Part of Treasure Isle, Vienna’s longest running sound system in regards of Roots Reggae, Dub, Rocksteady and any other authentic Jamaican sounds.

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#5: Joja

Former radio host on Superfly FM and operator of V ARE, a local initiative to blend music, visual arts, design and other disciplines of arts.

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#6: Nicole Jaey

An up and coming multi-talent (DJ, producer, live-performing artist and singer) rooted in Vienna’s leading audiovisual festival sound:frame.

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#7: Makossa

One of Austria’s longest serving DJs, head of music at nationwide public radio FM4, one part of Makossa & Megablast (with releases on Gigolo Records and G-Stone) and innovator of the term Swound Sound.

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#8: Ken Hayakawa

One of the head honchos at the Schönbrunner Perlen label and one of the most renowned Techno producers with releases on liebe*detailMusik gewinnt Freunde or Goldmin Music.

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#9: Trishes

Devoted music journalist and host of FM4’s Hip Hop show Tribe Vibes, beatmaker on Duzz Down San and curator of this year’s popfest.

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#10: Doree

One of Vienna’s freshest and already most demanded Drum & Bass DJs, representing Switch! and City Warriors Vienna.

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#11: Roman Rauch

Our town’s number one export regarding deep, analogish House these days, with a discography including releases on PhilpotEndless Flight/Mule MusiqQuintessentials and an album on klamauk.

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#12: Mia Rabe

Part of Viennoise, an artist collective combining their passion for electronic music with concerts, visual arts and exhibitions.

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#13: Laho

Vienna’s jack-of-all-trades, record dealer at Tongues, event promoter and, not least, a dedicated DJ daring to explore sounds off the beaten track.

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#14: Matt Mor

One of the town’s most demanded DJs regarding true, uncompromising Techno, promoter of Wechselstrom events and co-running the label Panterre Musique.

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#15: pocketful of g:ld 

One of the local DJs and promoters most likely to dare and deal music that’s off the public radar, running the BLVZE nights and the home-made events at Das Werk.

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#16: Mann & Klamm

A young duo fully dedicated to House, with DJ appearances between Barcelona and Istanbul and releases on Houseology, Piston Recordings and My Little Dog.

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#17: Joyce Muniz

One who has been steadily touring the world throughout the past few years, while still dropping releases on internationally aknowledged labels as 20:20 VisionTop Billin’ and Exploited.

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#18: B.Visible

One of the city’s leading beatmakers, a regular on Duzz Down San and with releases on Cosmonostro.

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#19: Simonlebon

Founding father and co-operator of internationally aknowledged Luv Shack Records and one half of the production duo Burnin’ Tears.

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#20: Pezo Fox

One of the godfathers, being busy as DJ, promoter and record dealer for 25 years, responsible for bringing artists like KRS-OneMos Def or the Wu-Tang Clan to town.

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#21: Gerald van der Hint 

Promoter of events like Meat Market and Mutter and a fully dedicated Techno- and House-DJ himself.

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#22: Christoph Wagner

Long-term host of the Jazzdination Radioshow, doing regular interviews and live-sessions with artists like Dorian ConceptLouie Austen or Brenk Sinatra.

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#23: Jay Rome

Head of Blu Saphir Records and it’s several sublabels, home for international Drum & Bass artists like BungleSyncopix and Bassface Sascha.

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#24: Slack Hippy

One of our town’s longest serving and still most demanded DJs and a regular at FM4 La Boum deluxe.

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#25: Zanshin

Part of Affine Records, as both a solo artist as well as one half of Ogris Debris, also appearing on Compost RecordsNurvous Records and disko404.

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#26: Austrian Apparel

Probably the most hyped Techno liveact Vienna has to offer at the moment, pulling their analogue synths and drum computers through all relevant clubs and festivals.

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#27: Bono Goldbaum

Mastermind behind booking and event agency Instinkt Music and booker at Die Kantine, the latest addition to Vienna’s club scene that’s booming the city with a massive Function One system.

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#28: Moogle

Music journalist at music magazine The Gap and the regional edition of Noisey and part of the Bebop Rodeo collective, that’s brought artists like Moodymann and Theo Parrish to town, as well as hosting a 100+ mixes strong podcast series.

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#29: Beware

Two-times DMC championship participant, co-host of the daily mixshow FM4 Unlimited, co-operator of critically acclaimed Klasse Recordings label and an illustrious House producer himself under his Mr. Ho moniker.

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#30: Antonia

One of Austria’s most up-and-coming talents in forward-thinking Bass music and part of the Canyoudigit collective, that’s already brought Mount KimbieHudson Mohawke or Lil Silva to town.

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Find those and a few thousand more mixes, radioshows and live recordings from Vienna, ranging back to our initial period in 2004 and even before, from long-time established artists, up-and-coming talents, dedicated record collectors and passionate bedroom DJs, in brief: music lovers, within our Vienna city channel: – it’s on!

Also, be sure to stay connected for more city features to come as well as more input from our beloved hometown – as a matter of fact, it has waaaayyyyy more to offer than just those thirty…!

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